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2006-01-09, 12:28
OK, big time newb question coming...can anyone tell me, step by step (please assume very little), how to configure my Nokia 770 to be my squeezebox remote? Before I got my Nokia 770 (today) I used to use either the slimserver web page on the computer where my music is or the squeezebox remote, so I'm a little uncertain how to put the slimserver web browser (and handheld skin and nokia 770 skin) onto the Nokia 770 and then connect it to my slimserver.

2006-01-09, 12:48
The handheld skin is already present in your slimserver installation. The Nokia 770 skin needs to be downloaded and installed on your server (unless you use the 6.5 Betas). Then just point your webbrowser on your 770 to the following address: http://<IP of your server>:9000/handheld or http://<IP of your server>:9000/<skin name>
Replace <IP of your server> with the actual IP address of the machine that runs slimserver (e.g. and <skin name> with the actual name of the skin. Sorry, I'm not sure about the name for the 770 skin, but could be something like nokia770 or nokia or 770.


<edit>Oops, no need to download the skin, it is part of the 6.5 Betas only, download the betas from http://slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/latest/6.5/
I think there isn't currently any version for 6.2
I found these installation instructions in the Nokia 770 skin thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=19369

The unzipped file contains a "Nokia770" directory with files and sub-directories. This is my first effort downloading a skin, but after much trial and error I put the directory structure in \Program Files\SlimServer\server\HTML and was able to access it within SlimServer on my 770 by pointing my browser to "http://[localhost]:9000/Nokia770". What Ben has done so far is absolutely terrific - this will be my sole SB interface on my 770.</edit>

2006-01-09, 13:34
That's it?!? Awesome! Thanks a ton, Slimpy!

I assume I need to go to my slimserver machine a get the IP address from IPconfig. A follow up question...should I set my slimserver machine to have static IP address? Otherwise, won't it keep changing? Or is there a better way to handle this connection?

2006-01-09, 14:36
Yes, it's always a good idea to have fixed IPs for servers. Either configure the IP manually (choose an address not part of your dhcp servers IP range) or look at your router's dhcp configuration (assuming your router acts as dhcp server). Under dhcp settings you might find an option to enable static addresses for any given MAC address. This means your server can still use dhcp but the router always assigns the same IP address when the server connects.
This is also where you would find the settings for the IP range of the dhcp server.


2006-01-11, 07:03
Just so I am clear... I use my router settings to set a static IP for the computer that I have slimserver running. As far as I know my router (dlink 624) does act as a dhcp and it does allow for static dhcp settings. I will try and figure that out (my only concern is how do I identify which computer to assign the static IP to - I have 3 hooked up to the router).

As for the squeezeboxes (I have 2) should I assign static IPs to them as well? Or does it not matter? The reason I ask is I obviously will want to control both from the Nokia 770 and I'm not sure how to "point" to one or the other (or both to have them synced).

2006-01-11, 13:27
Yes, the dLink 624 will do DHCP and static IP. To setup, URL =, default user is admin, and there is no default password. Get on the first tab and then press the DHCP button. I don't remember the details of what comes next but it is not hard to figure out. You assign static IPs to specific MAC addresses.

To find the MAC of your computer, do ipconfig -all.

While in the router setup, I went ahead and assigned IPs to each one of my boxes (PCs, printer, Squeezebox). This way I can attach some meaning to the IP number, something easy to remember when I need to ping it later. Another ?benefit? of this is that you can deny access to your network to any machine whose MAC is not registered in the router.

2006-01-11, 16:01
As for the squeezeboxes (I have 2) should I assign static IPs to them as well? Or does it not matter? The reason I ask is I obviously will want to control both from the Nokia 770 and I'm not sure how to "point" to one or the other (or both to have them synced).
It's not necessary to assign static IPs to your SBs as you don't need to access them directly. To control them both form your nokia just browse to the slimserver web interface and choose the player from the player drop-down list. This will show you the playlist for the chosen SB. All subsequent playlist modifications will be for that player.


2006-01-12, 06:47
Thanks for all the help. I will try to give this a go tonight. Sounds like it should be easy...(famous last words)