View Full Version : OS X User Switching Problem When Installed For All Users

2006-01-08, 22:45
I'm sorry if this is discussed elsewhere, but my search didn't yield similar threads. I have SlimServer installed for all users, yet when I'm logged in as my wife the following happens:

* SqueezeBox (1) shows the clock as it should
* Menus seem to work to get through the index
* When I hit play on a song, it seems that SlimServer can't play the song and it cycles through all in the album.
* If I log-in as myself (even with her still logged in) the music starts immediately if play were pressed before. SlimServer seems to work properly from this point forward

For your reference, I'm running the latest build of public 10.4.x on a G4/733 with the music library located on a secondary volume/disk, and I'm running 6.2b1 - 4687. This has seemed to be the case for earlier builds too.

Does anyone know why this might be and if there's a way around it, as I'm not always going to be the one logged in? Thanks!

Steven Moore
2006-01-09, 13:57
This sounds like a permissions problem, I would guess your music is in your user area and this is not accessible when you are logged into your wife's account because your wife cannot access your area.
Check the activity monitor and see if the perl process is owned by your wife when the problem happens.

If you are using itunes your music will be in your music folder >iTunes folder >itunes.

This might be overcome by moving the music folder (only the music folder not the .xml files etc) to a shared folder in the users folder or onto an external hd which you can set to ignore permissions. I have my music folder on an external hd and this works fine. You can set the place where itunes looks for music in itunes preferences >advanced >general.

I was checking and the perl process is owned by myself.
Does anyone know if it's the case the perl process is owned by the first person to log in?