View Full Version : Help please...Wake up from Standby on PC

2006-01-08, 05:19
Hi all

I'm running Slim 6.2.1 on a pc with XP. My SB3 connects wirelessly to a Linksys router and the PC linked via cable to the router.

When the pc is in standby I can get the SB3 to wake it up via the remote but whilst i'm listening the pc will go back into standby as per the settings allocated in control panel > power options and SB3 will turn off.

I thought that since Slim was running the pc would not go into standby but I guess it's based on lack of keyboard/mouse inputs?

Any ideas how I can get the pc to only go into standby when i've finished listening on turn SB3 off?



2006-01-26, 03:40
Hi Rob,

This is discussed at length in other threads.

I have raised a change request (bug number 2746). Please vote for this, and perhaps our PC's can be forced to stop nodding off on the job!