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2006-01-07, 11:09
Okay, this seems to be quite a popular topic so apologies if i'm retreading old ground. I've searched through various topics on this subject but uncovered no answers so I'd thought I'd post again in case there's something magic i've missed...

I've just got a new wireless SB3 (white, if that matters) and am trying desperately to get it to connect to my Netgear WGT624 (v2) router with no luck.

I tried disabling my encryption and enabled broadcasting of the SSID to simplify matters but still with no luck. Signal strength is over 80.

Eventually i connected via ethernet and upgraded my firmware to 28.

Further attempts to connect wirelessly also failed no matter how many times i factory resetted the SB3 and unplugged the router.

I've found various voodoo techniques that've worked for other people on these forums but to no avail. I've tried turning off all other devices connected to the router, manually typing the SSID (when it's broadcasting) and my password has always been 12 characters!!! Even the method that supposedly gets the thing to work with my router model doesn't work (Disabling 108mbps features - which were never enabled anyway)

Anyone got any further suggestions, short of buying a different router, before the damn thing gets popped back in the mail.


2006-01-07, 11:29
You don't have MAC address filtering enabled on the router by any chance?
Have you tried manual IP configuration before connecting wirelessly?


2006-01-07, 11:54

You don't have MAC address filtering enabled on the router by any chance?
Have you tried manual IP configuration before connecting wirelessly?


No MAC address filtering is not enabled.

Doesn't ip address configuration come after it connects to the wireless network, which it keeps failing?
I have, however, tried manually configuring the IP address before connecting via ethernet then trying to connect wirelessly if that's what you mean and that hasn't helped either.

2006-01-07, 19:24
In addition to disabling the 108Mbps feature in the WGT624, the Super-G feature will also need to be disabled for the SB3 to work. Super-G uses proprietary data compression, packet bursting and large frame support, features that are not supported on the SB3.

I have a Netgear WGU624 (dual-band) router, which I believe uses an Atheros radio like your WGT624, and to make my WGU624 work with my SB3 I currently use the following settings for 802.11g:

Under Setup/g Wireless Settings:
Wireless mode: g only
Security mode: Shared Key
Cipher Type: WEP
Encryption Strength: 128 bit

Under Advanced/g Wireless Settings:
Enable SSID Broadcast: unchecked (disabled)
Enable Super G Mode: unchecked (disabled)
Enable eXtended Range (XR): checked (enabled)
Enable Adaptive Radio (AR): unchecked (greyed-out)

Hope this helps!

2006-01-07, 20:16
I also am having problems with that Netgear router and the SB3. I can actually connect but the reception flutuates wildly and seems to hang around the 20% range even though the SB3 is only 20 feet from the router. I've tried everything I've read here with no success. The Netgear has been working fine with 3 PC's for quite some time now so this is annoying. I'm starting to wonder if I should just return the SB3's which I got a couple of days ago. Any help would be appreciated.

2006-01-07, 21:53
Hi All,
I have the same problem, with a Netgear WG302 access point. I have a dedicated linux based firewall connecting to the internet. The AP and the SB3 are on the same network connected via a switch.
I have tried all of the following:
-factory reset
-manual SSID entry
-static IP - slimserver not found
-DHCP - did not get an IP address, defaults to 169.254
-no MAC address filtering
-WPA, WPA2 - no connection
-no superG and 108Mbs enabled, the AP is on channel 1, .11G only

In my neighborhood I have one or two other APs in the range, on different channels, mostly turned off. All my other wireless devicess work well, with no sign of interference or other problem.

It did connect via the ethernet port, and through the wireless if no encrytion was enabled. Currently running firmware v28
and the latest Slimserver. Slimserver works with softsqueeze devices on different computers, both wired and wireless.

This is very frustrating, any ideas how to troubleshoot it further, before this is being mailed back.
thanks, lleo_

2006-01-08, 01:48
This may not be hugely helpful, but here goes anyway... I have a Netgear WGT624 router, and my two SB2s are working fine wirelessly with it.

First the differences:

- I have SB2, not SB3... same firmware, mostly identical hardware, but I do seem to remember reading that early SB2s (which mine are) had a different wireless module

- my WGT624 is v3 hardware, not v2

Notwithstanding those differences, here is what is working for me:

- Router firmware V4.1.11_1.0.1
- DHCP on
- mode g and b
- Broadcast SSID off
- Advanced 108MBs features off
- MAC filtering on
- security disabled

But if all else fails, don't send back your lovely SB3s - consider the options of a different cheap Wireless Access Point on your network, or using LAN over mains, or just a different router....



2006-01-08, 09:52
On Jan 7, 2006, at 10:09 AM, iar wrote:
> Anyone got any further suggestions, short of buying a different
> router,
> before the damn thing gets popped back in the mail.
Drop a note to support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com...

2006-01-08, 10:04
hello everyone,

thanks for your help.
everything's working now. not sure why. got fed up with it all yesterday so went to the pub. this morning it's connected fine and i'm playing music now. I haven't changed any settings!

scan80269: there isn't a super-g mode in the wgt624. the "data compression, packet bursting and large frame support" are all part of the 108mbps mode according to the web admin help.

now i've got to figure out why a couple of my albums are sounding very corrupted when playing through the squeezebox despite all being coded with the same encoding settings as the rest of my collection ... then everything should be ok

for anyone else with the same router:
I'm on region Europe, channel 11 using both g and b with WPA encryption enabled. I've disabled SSID broadcasting and have disabled 108mbps features. Everything else is pretty much as shipped from the factory. And it's connecting fine with these settings now.

thanks again

2006-01-08, 10:05
On Jan 7, 2006, at 10:09 AM, iar wrote:
> Anyone got any further suggestions, short of buying a different
> router,
> before the damn thing gets popped back in the mail.
Drop a note to support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com...

hi, i'd already done that ... so you can ignore my mail, which looks pretty much identical to the original post, as i've connected now


2006-01-08, 10:34
I'm happy to hear some are having success. I'm just about ready to pitch everything at this point. I tired SD support and got no suggestions other than disabling the 108MPs mode off which I had already done. I just don't have the time to screw around with this any longer. I could buy another router but there doesn't seem to be any guarantee it will work and I've already invested quite a bit into buying two of these things. I also read a recent review where they said the wireless functionality was so flaky it wasn't worth using so now I'm wondering what I was thinking spending this kind of money. At this point, it only works when it's 5' from my computer which is completely useless. Maybe Apple will announce something interesting at MacWorld since I'm using iTunes.

2006-01-08, 11:08
Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. Some people find that, others have no trouble or almost none. I couldn't get WPA-AES encryption to work, but WEP and WPA-TKIP were fine, and I had to change channels to avoid dropouts when my microwave was on, that's the only problems I had.

What might be worth trying, particularly if you can find anywhere that sells them with a return guarantee, is one of the HomePlug systems (there are two or three makers). I gather it is more reliable than wireless, without the hassle of wiring.

2006-01-08, 15:53
Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'm going to give the SB3 one more chance. I think I'll get another router and see if this fixes the problem. Has anyone had success with those MIMO routers? I noitced that Netgear also has a 85 Mbps ethernet switch which would be another option if I give up on the wireless.

2006-01-09, 08:03
Just to keep everyone updated, I just bought a Netgear WPN824 so we'll try this and see what happens.

2006-01-09, 10:22
The Netgear WPN824 was able to give me a strong enough signal to fix the problem so everything seems to be working fine now.

2006-01-09, 18:18
Hi there,
Is anyone out there having a successful connection with Netgear's WG302 access point with WPA encryption?
This darn thing connects only if the AP is completely open, with no encryption.
and yes, turned the 108MPS, SuperG off, SSID broadcast on and off, currently on channel 1.
For now I have no plans of buying another AP and I am forced to use WPA.
Also emailed the support desk, more than 24 hours ago, so far with no reply.

It reminds me of the early days of wifi, when once in a hotel due to some strange reason I only could get connection in the bathroom, standing on one leg in the shower, and holding my laptop vertically...

2006-01-10, 11:59
The bad news:
It has been confirmed by Kevin that there is bug in slimserver when SB2/SB3 are connected to Netgear WG302 access point and using WPA encryption.
http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2466 If you have a chance, please vote for this bug in bugzilla

The good news:
it is scheduled to be addressed in Slimserver 6.5, curerntly still open in the Beta1 release.

Will try if works with WEP, although as I said I am forced to use WPA.
Regards, Lleo_