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2006-01-06, 16:49
I have Slim Server running on my linux box feeding my Roku HD 1000. I am streaming internet radio no problem. I can't seem to get the server to locate my audio files on my linux box. The files are in /home/phil/shared. When I enter that it doesn't fine any of the files. An ideas.

I know TheEndless can help. He has fixed every problem known to man kind with the ROKU....


2006-01-06, 18:51
Just a thought ... who owns that directory and what are its permissions?

2006-01-07, 10:42
Thanks for the idea. Strange if I create a directory using Mkdir and move the files into that directory BINGO it works. If I use a GUI to create the directory NG. Go figure. One other finding. I have my music on a seperate HD formally with windows. I need to use the path /mnt/win_d/media/MyMusic for the slim server to find the direcory of music. This is how the directory is located with my version of Linux. /dev/hda2/media/MyMusic did not work. So to anyone trying to use different HD's try different path statements until you find one that works.

2006-01-07, 14:56
The /dev/hda2/ path is the path of the disk device, not the filesystem. You don't access your files and folders via /dev. You use the mount point. Use the "mount" command to help you understand the relationship between the physical device and the file system mount point.

2006-01-13, 01:05
Pick up a Squeezebox and get ready for some shock. The Roku HD1000 is great for viewing photos on an HDTV but it seriously lags in music playback with Slimserver. Trust me, I own and I've tested a Roku soundbridge. Needless to say, that's a device I wouldn't waste time with again. Not bashing, just letting you know it's a HUGE difference in performance.