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2006-01-06, 08:11
Recently upgraded to 6.2.2 from 5.4.1 after discovering my "Perl Interpreter Failed" problems on W2K were the result of playlists which contained invalid entries (non-existent paths). That solved, I've been happily using the new version, which seems quite stable by the way, but recently noticed my library contains roughly twice the number of tracks that it should. Browsing Artists reveals that indeed, each track is duplicated. I've verified that my playlist folder is not the same as the music folder, there are no playlists in the music folder or music files in the playlist folder, and I'm not using iTunes. I do create gobs of M3U files in the playlist folder. This is done through scripting and these have the same base path as the music folder so I've been operating under the assumption that this would not result in duplicate tracks (fyi... worked fine under 5.4.1).

The duplicate track details look something like this...

My Song, \\Server\Music\artist\album\mysong.wma
My Song, \\server\music\artist\album\mysong.wma

Note the paths are identical except the case of the share name. I've confirmed that the playlists are generating lowercase paths while SlimServer apparently obtains whatever casing is contained in the shortcuts located in the music folder. Despite entering the path all lowercase, once applied, the shortcuts are stored as mixed-case (this must be a function of the OS as it verifies the shortcut prior to save).

Perhaps I can work around this by changing my playlist generator to the same mixed-case as the music folder path, or by somehow forcing the music folder share to lowercase (which would then be picked up by the shortcut). In either case, this seems like a kludge. Should physical paths within the SlimServer DB be case sensitive? Is this by design, or a bug?

2006-01-06, 08:41
Should physical paths within the SlimServer DB be case sensitive? Is this by design, or a bug?
They must be! Otherwise no files would be found on case sensitive OSes/filesystems (like Linux, MacOS, Unix...).
You will need to find a workaround for your windows environment. A rather quick solution would be to edit all your playlists by batch-editing with the appropriate text tool.


2006-01-06, 09:04
> case sensitive OSes/filesystems

I was afraid of that. Do these other OSes really consider Myfile.txt and myfile.txt as distinct files? Seems very messy and confusing, but perhaps I've been using Windows too long and I'm biased.

Also wonder why this didn't happen under 5.4.1. Was that version not non-Windows friendly? How did that version handle files?

I would venture a guess, without any supporting evidence, that most of the SlimServer userbase is Windows and this may cause much confusion for those not used to a case sensitive OS. Could this perhaps be a configurable switch so those running Windows wouldn't have to kludge while those running something else could have mixed-case support?