View Full Version : Slimserver won't read through a Windows Shortcut for playlists

2006-01-06, 04:51
Hi all

I think this may be a bug but thought I'd check before I formally log it as one... It appears that slimserver won't read through a Windows Shortcut for playlists, although of course it does read through shortcuts for the music files themselves.

I tested this by:

- creating a directory, containing one playlist
- create a shortcut to this directory
- move the shortcut to the "playlist" directory
- Then rescan for playlists.

Slimserver finds playlists in the "playlist" directory, and also playlists within plain sub-directories thereof, but not the one via the shortcut.

This is on "6.5b1 - 5425 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252" and also "6.2.1 - 5226 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252"

I can't find anything that looks like this in the bugs list.

Can anyone think of a good reason why we might have this behaviour, or is it a bug?


2006-01-07, 04:31
Well, no good reasons from anybody, so