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2006-01-05, 21:01
No artwork is displayed when browsing artwork.

"Look for Artwork" in Server settings / Performance is activated.

"Artwork" in Server settings / Interface is set to <%ALBUM>.

"Artwork Thumbnail" in Server settings / Interface is set to <%ALBUM V>.

"Artwork Folder" in Server settings / Interface is set to the directory where all artwork and thumbnail JPGs are saved respectively as <album name>.jpg and <album name> V.jpg.

All music tracks are encoded in FLAC and the ALBUM tag is set to a 9 character code (2 letter+1 digit+1 space+5 digit, no accentuated character used).

When browsing album, artwork (<album name>.jpg) are displayed correctly.

When playing a track, I don't see any artwork in the squeezebox pane of the standard web skin, although LOG.txt report that the thumbnail image is found when the debug switch d_artwork in on (some threads on this forum seem to indicate that thumbnail image should be displayed, but I may be wrong).

When browsing artwork, nothing is displayed. If I set "Browse by artwork" to <Include all albums, using placeholders>, all abums are displayed but without any artwork.

I've experimented with placing a thumb.jpg file in album's directory without any success.

I activated all the debug switch to see what happened when I did the browse artwork request. Here is what I guessed is related to the request :

2006-01-05 22:12:56.9874 reading request...
2006-01-05 22:12:56.9880 HTTP request: from (HTTP::Daemon::ClientConn=GLOB(0x43dc408)) for GET HTTP/1.1 /browsedb.html?hierarchy=artwork,track&level=0&player=a6%3A78%3A10%3Acd%3A1c%3Aea
2006-01-05 22:12:56.9887 HTTP parameter hierarchy = artwork,track
2006-01-05 22:12:56.9890 HTTP parameter level = 0
2006-01-05 22:12:56.9893 HTTP parameter player = a6:78:10:cd:1c:ea
2006-01-05 22:12:56.9904 processURL Clients: xxx.0.0.1:xxxx
2006-01-05 22:12:56.9909 Generating response for (htm, text/html) browsedb.html
2006-01-05 22:12:56.9912 generating from include.html
2006-01-05 22:12:56.9991 browsedb - hierarchy: artwork,track level: 0
2006-01-05 22:12:56.0027 Start and End node: [album:contributor]
2006-01-05 22:12:56.0032 Field query. Need additional join. start and End node: [album:album]
2006-01-05 22:12:56.0040 Running SQL query: [SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT DISTINCT contributors.id AS id,contributors.name AS name,contributors.namesort AS namesort,contributors.moodlogic_id AS moodlogic_id,contributors.moodlogic_mixable AS moodlogic_mixable,contributors.musicmagic_mixable AS musicmagic_mixable FROM contributor_track, tracks, contributors, albums WHERE contributor_track.track = tracks.id AND contributors.id = contributor_track.contributor AND albums.id = tracks.album AND ( albums.compilation = ? ))]
2006-01-05 22:12:56.0043 Bind arguments: [0]

2006-01-05 22:12:56.2523 generating from browsedb_pwdlist.html
2006-01-05 22:12:56.2616 select_time - idleStreams: 0
2006-01-05 22:12:56.2624 select returns (0):
2006-01-05 22:12:56.2626 errors: 0 of 2
2006-01-05 22:12:56.2629 reads: 0 of 6
2006-01-05 22:12:56.2631 writes: 0 of 0
2006-01-05 22:12:56.2634 firing timer 0.263411045074463 late.
2006-01-05 22:12:56.2637 settimer Normal: CODE(0x21abd58), now: 1136517176.26374, time: 1136517177
2006-01-05 22:12:56.2686 sending squeezebox frame: grfe, length: 1284
2006-01-05 22:12:56.2692 writeNoBlock: writing a segment of length: 1290
2006-01-05 22:12:56.2702 generating from browsedb.html
2006-01-05 22:12:56.3065 adding select write 8 CODE(0x2ad1344)
2006-01-05 22:12:56.3071 End request: keepAlive: [10] - waiting for next request on connection = Keep-Alive

I hope that could be of any help in explaining where the problem is.

2006-01-05, 21:16
a very thorough report, but a couple important questions:

which os?
what server version?
was the log.txt with d_artwork from a rescan or just browsing? The
browse_artwork feature requires a full rescan in order to collect
artwork based on any changed settings.

also try the latest nightly build of 6.2.2 if you haven't already:


2006-01-06, 08:03
OS : Windows 2000 S.P.4
Server version : 6.2.1

A full rescan has been done before log.txt, but I may have made some changes during my tests. I'll do a full rescan with the current settings and I'll let you know.

After the rescan, I'll try the latest nightly build if the rescan doesn't help.


2006-01-06, 09:16
Just did the full rescan : all working fine (yesterday, I did many rescans, but each time one of the parameters must have been wrong).

It looks that whenever you touch a something concerning artwork, you have to do a full rescan if you want to browse artwork the way it should be.

The Art of Slimservering, Lesson No.627 : learned.

Sorry for the trouble.

2006-01-06, 14:20
Quoting sined <sined.21813b (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> Sorry for the trouble.

no worries. The goal would be to avoid the scan, but with the amount
of artwork showing it is currently just too much work to look for all
the possible artwork for each album listed, every time the page is
loaded. The server does this when browsing an album, or in the "now
playing" section for some skins. This is why you would see artwork
there and yet not in browse artwork. During the rescan, a list of
unique albums is compiled. This reduces the overhead a bit by looking
for artwork only once per album instead of once per track as we do for
all other tags. Each album is then joined with artwork in an 'import'
scan of it's own after all tagging scans are completed.