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2006-01-05, 20:14
Hi everybody, I have a problem intalling SlimServer 6.2 on my IMac (OS 10.28).
I can install the server nicely into the system prefs. If I click on start server, I do get the server to start put suddenly it log that: can't locate auto/storable/store.al in @INC, then the server stops itself. What do I need to do here? thanks for any help

Cheers Markus

2006-01-05, 23:17
I just upgraded my Perl installation to 5.8 as I thought maybe that's preventing me from installing the SlimServer 6.2.1 on my fine working G3 IMac running OS X 10.2.8. I reinstalled the server pack. The panel gets installed fine but the server does not run. It should itself immediatel down without indexing my Itunes lib. I must be the biggest fool on these planet but there is no hint in the installation manual nor on this webside. So what do I do wrong?? According to the logs the server has problems to find dir and folders. My Perl installation is where the Apple default installation was. As I just bougth a SqueezeBox I am super worried that I can not even use it on my computer. PLEASE HELP.. Cheers and most welcomed Markus

2006-01-06, 00:36
You might try reinstalling slimserver ... but your problem sounds like it might be tricky to fix through a forum - you might be better advised to contact support directly, see http://www.slimdevices.com/su_tech.html for contact details


2006-01-06, 19:34
OK, now it's official.. SlimServer 6.X.X does NOT run on MacOS Jaguar. As I just ordered a Squeezebox I am forced to buy OS Panther (Tiger does not run on my Mac). It is ideed the way Slimserver is setup as I am running PERL 5.8.1 on my Mac and the OS by the way is very stable. So far no response from Slim Support team regarding my questions. I hope once I have the Squeezebox in my hand the care a bit more about my concerns.. still 300 bucks are 300 buck... what a bad start.. :(

A pretty much dissappointed newbee

2006-01-07, 10:27
Well to be fair it does say on the download page that only 10.3 and 10.4 are supported. I'd be surprised if you couldn't get it running at all on the earlier versions (with a suitable perl install) but it's not going to be an easy job. Your best bet is to (a) wait for a mac expert here to help you out or (b) _call_ (not email) support.