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2006-01-05, 12:22
My wireless squeezebox 3 and the latest version of slim server are running wonderfully when slim server is running as a service under Win XP. However, I want to use the iTunes Update and iTunes Party Shuffle plugins. To do this I have to cancel slim server as a service and run slim.exe directly. I experience severe lag when I do this. Not just through the squeezebox, but through the web interface on the local machine as well. Any thoughts?

2006-01-05, 14:53
This might help...


2006-01-05, 17:57
Didn't help. It doesn't seem to be a problem with iTunes or slim server. It only happens when I run slim.exe directly. iTunes Update and Party Shuffle do run some perl scripts, but I thought slim server did plenty of that on it's own so that shouldn't be the issue. I tried reducing the reload interval to 0 (turning it off) and the response still did not improve. In essence it won't even play a song.

Craig, James (IT)
2006-01-06, 02:54
I would suspect that iTunes Update plugin is actually working when you
run slim.exe and hence triggering constant iTunes library rescans.
Setting the iTunes reload interval to 0 is the right thing to do, but
you may still have to wait for an initial scan to complete if SlimServer
is in the middle of one/never completed one.

Let me know if that doesn't fix the problem.


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2006-01-09, 19:00
It made since that a library scan would start as soon as the plugins were loaded and my CPU usage was a 100% even though the web and comand line interface made no mention of a scan, so I started the server and went to work to give it ample time to finish the scan. I came home and party shuffle worked fine. Then after a while it locked up again. I checked the machine to see what was up and saw a virus scan in prgoress. I assumed that caused the lock up, but have no evidence. I ended up restarting the server and expected to have to wait a while. To my suprise I was able to use my squeezebox immediately. I didnt want to touch it for fear of breaking it again, but a software update forced a restart. It started working immediately again. Don't ask me what happened. The only change I made was to turn wireless bridging on, but I can't see how that would affect my CPU usage.