View Full Version : Internet Radio (mms) work on Softsqueeze but not on SB3

2006-01-04, 23:32
I run SlimServer on a Linux box - Mplayer installed and I can play most http://mms radios on my SB3 but some I can't...

Now the funny thing is on SoftSqueeze running on WindowsXP these problem radios run without a hitch. On the SB3 I get a message saying: "Can't connect to server"

How can this be ?

My guess is that the mplayer on Linux isnt not able to decode these channels but SoftSqueeze on winxp is using XP's local codecs ?

2006-01-04, 23:50
> My guess is that the mplayer on Linux isnt not able to decode these
> channels but SoftSqueeze on winxp is using XP's local codecs ?

This could be a reason. But theoretically you don't even need mplayer -
SB3 supports wma natively.



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2006-01-05, 00:43
It also depends on the version of Mplayer - I found the latest CVS plays more mms (though not all) than pre7.

2006-01-05, 04:10
SB2/SB3 support wma decoding in the player. Softsqueeze does not.

So if you play a wma stream using Softsqueeze, then the server decodes it. On windows this is via wmadec, on linux you can use mplayer. I suspect wmadec supports all streams, mplayer may support less.

If you play a wma stream on SB2/SB3 then the player tries to connect direct to the stream and decode it. This gives rise to two possible problems:
1) the player can't connect to the stream (network setup problem) [If you can play other wma streams then this is unlikely, but is possibly the problem if you can't play any streams]
2) the stream includes something the player doesn't like. In which case raise a bug including the stream name as it is possible slim can fix it in the firmware.

2006-01-05, 10:29
Isn't there a way to prevent the player from decoding the stream itself and have mplayer pick it up and decode it first ?

It is the only radio channel I am interested in and being the bright lucky chap that I am, it is also the only http:/mms stream I have tried out of at least 20 or so that pose no problem, that simply refuses to work.

Major frustration.

2006-01-05, 10:35
Try disabling Windows Media->Windows Media (buitin) in the server settings, file types screen. [would make all wma decode on the server, but may work?]

2006-01-05, 12:26
Well I've even tried that (disabled the built in wma) but to no avail...

Here is the stream : mms://

If anyone can hear any sound through a SB3 please let me know how.

But please remember my server is running on Linux.

tom permutt
2006-01-05, 13:01
See http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2368 for detailed discussion. I don't know why deleting the built-in WMA from the configuration file doesn't work, but it didn't for me, either.

2006-01-05, 13:18
Given that you are on linux you can change the server code more easily.

A work around would be to modify Slim/Player/Squeezebox2.pm so that sub canStreamDirect does the same as the softsqueeze one:

if ($handler && $handler->can("canDirectStream") && !$handler->isa("Slim::Player::Protocols::MMS")) {
return $handler->canDirectStream($url);

2006-01-05, 13:36
Triode mate I owe you a beer !
It's bl**dy worked mate !

Is it safe to leave it like that ? won't is mess up the rest of my things ?

Completely shuffed for the missus - was the only thing she wanted from the SB3 :)

2006-01-05, 15:37
Interesting enough, I had the exact same problem with a different mms: station. I've logged the following bug, http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2529

My workaround was to go back to a prior version of the software, 6.1.??

Going back to the prior version allowed me utilize the squeezebox the way I originally wanted to. Now everything is working for me.

Please goto the above link and vote for the bug, that way it can get fix in version 6.5.

2006-01-05, 15:58
Is it safe to leave it like that ? won't is mess up the rest of my things ?

Yes safe to leave like that, but remember to change it when ever you upgrade [depending on the way you upgrade the server]

All this is doing is stopping "direct streaming" for mms streams on a SB2/SB3 player, hence using the previous server side decoding mechanism. Should have no impact on anything else..