View Full Version : Live 365 Login problem

2006-01-04, 19:50
I've been having a problem with the login for Live365.

My username with Live365 includes 2 underscores (_) and when I go to enter them in the Slimserver (6.2.1) settings area, the underscores are not appearing.

I tried to be creative, typed the username in notepad, and copy/pasted it to the server field, this worked, but whenever I go to Internet Radio>Live365 on the Squeezebox, it comes up with Login Error.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Paul Webster
2006-02-27, 16:04
Not sure if it is underscore related ... but I can't log-in to Live365 via SlimServer but I can via Squeezenetwork ... and I have an underscore in my Live365 account name.
I am running 6.5 nightly (yesterday's).
Pretty sure that it used to work (but I don't use Live365 much - and it might well have always been via SqueezeNetwork in the past).
The GUI (and .prefs) show the correct ID (assuming that underscore should not be escaped in anyway). The password is encoded/encrypted so I cannot tell if it is being stored correctly.

2006-02-27, 18:42
Probably should have piped in earlier with what went wrong and how I solved it.

Not sure why the underscore problem was happening, but reinstalled slim server, only to keep having login problems.

Put in my username/password again and again, and it kept failing. My password contains the letter S. One time entering, I happened to notice that when I put in the s in the password, rather than adding it to the password field in the left frame, it was turning shuffle on in the right frame, so the s was not sent as part of the password, therefore not logging me in correctly. Perhaps a bug that should be dealt with on SlimServer, but I got around it by typing the password in a text editor, and a cut/paste into the password box.

Paul Webster
2006-02-28, 03:06
Mine still does not work.
However, I switched back to 6.2.x and it worked fine.
Comparing the slimserver.pref files showed one extra field in 6.5 and the password field in 6.5 was the same except that it had a "\n" stuffed at the end of the text (inside the quotes).

I stopped SlimServer 6.5 and tried removing the \n but it did not make any difference.

Can someone else with 6.5 confirm that Slimserver to Live365 is working fine for them.
Assuming it is just me - then ... can someone give me a clue about which debug level to enable to see what is being sent and received during login (I tried d_remotestream (or similar)) but nothing showed up.