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2006-01-04, 17:53
I have spent 2 hours trying to find a way to add an item to favorites. I am using a softsqueeze for now and the latest slimserver. When I browse plugins and choose favorites, all I can see is one item 'Empty' which I cannot modify, nor can I add a new item to the list of favorites. The Web Interface for this is not available, and the remote control only plays favourite when I push the button, or rather says that #1 is not available, etc.

Any advice please? Is there a conf file I can put my favorites into? Is there any documentation for the Favorites plugin?

I am about to by version 1 of Squeeze box. Will I have the same trouble?

Many thanks in advance,

P.S. I do not read this forum regularly. Could you possibly email to comqas@herts.ac.uk, would be much appreciated.