View Full Version : Sonos getting on the bandwagon - kinda

2006-01-04, 14:06
News release from Sonos today about new mini player, coming in Spring 06 with no built in amp to play streamed music from internet and LAN, ala SQB. $349 for the unit, doesn't include the wireless remote controller.


The wireless inteface is awesome on the Sonos system, but to me anyway, the price just isn't worth it, since the standard Sonos amps are mid fi and boxy huge.

It is not a big change for them, unless they throw in the handheld controller at that price which would tick off a lot of existing customers. It would interesting to compare sound quality of a similar system priced at 2x that of SQB3. They make no claim of hi fidelity sound.

Paul Webster
2006-01-05, 03:11
Photos and chat about it on engadget (started 24th December with pictures from FCC)

including a couple of SqueezeBox/Sonos comparisons.

2006-01-16, 02:03
I am also interested finding out about Sonos ZP80. I use both SB3 and Sonos system.

I use one SB3 for my main Hi-Fi system in entertainment room. I am using Sonos for rest of the house now (where UI and synch ability are more important than Hi-Fi).

If ZP80 with digital output is equal to SB3, I will probably change my last SB3 out.

2006-01-16, 06:42
Functionality aside, it looks like a Mac Mini to me, SB3 still looks far better.