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2006-01-04, 08:05
Hello, just recieved my SB3 yesterday. Very nice. I have a quick question about how to scan and subsequently access my music collection. Currently I keep all of my music in two formats - MP3 and FLAC. For every FLAC file there is an equivalent MP3 file. There are however some MP3 files which do not exist in the FLAC collection. I use the MP3 files for my Phatbox and the FLAC collection for the SB3. However, those files which don't exist in FLAC I'd still like to access through the SB3.

I have the files in the following folder structure:

z:/my music (root)
--- Compressed (all MP3s within this folder strucuture)
--- Artist Folder (sub-folders under compressed)
--- Album Folder (sub-folders under each artist folder)
--- UnCompressed (all FLAC within this folder structure)
--- Artist Folder (sub-folders under UNcompressed)
--- Album Folder (sub-folders under each artist folder)
--- ClubMix (all MP3s not appearing in the above folder)

My question is how to get Slim Server to catalog this collection..in reality how to play the collection back. Ideally I'd like to be able to browse by artist, pick an album and then elect to play the FLAC or the MP3 set of music files. Is that possible?

So far I've tried to create two playlists filtered by file type. But this is proving to be entirely too slow. I currently have 527 Albums, 9297 songs, 410 artists.


2006-01-04, 09:11
I think I've figured out a strategy. I read up on the "linked" folders solution found in the troubleshooting section of the manual so I think I'll create a master folder with links to the folders which are mututally exclusive and therefore create a master list of music which includes all the correct MP3/FLAC files.