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2006-01-04, 06:30
If resources are not a problem is the best method of streaming Apple Lossless files to do it via Mplayer/Flac ?

Is the end result as lossless as it gets ?

Thanks for your help.


2006-01-04, 07:15
Decode it and then either stream as wav or reencode to flac - both options are lossless.

2006-01-04, 09:49
What I am doing now is decode with mplayer and pipe through Flac (mov -> mplayer.sh|Flac), I am on Fedora 3 Linux..

Sounds nice but a fair bit of noise at high listening volume on some songs - (whooosh background noise - quite audible at the start of a track).

Is this due to this method of streaming or simply due to my setup ?

NAD 352 Amp
B&W 604 S2 speakers
SB3 connected directly to Amp (analogue out) on AUX in. (would connecting to another analogue port like Phono or CD be better or are they all the same ?

Would getting a better (linear) power supply as some suggested improve the nose problem ?

2006-01-04, 10:33
There was some talk on the linux forum about problems with mplayer causing background noise when piping, go take a look over there. I think the solution was to use something other than mplayer, but I forget what.

2006-01-04, 11:41
If mplayer is really at fault then it will negate about 2 solid days of tinkering with gcc etc.. to get it to finally work ok on my linux platform.

I suppose it is always good to have as I can play AlienBBC through it.

I will have a look at the other forums and see what I can find.

Thanks for your help.

2006-01-04, 14:51
Can anyone please point me into the right direction here ? I can't find the thread that talks about the mplayer background noise problem.

Also can anyone also confirm that the SB3 has in fact a linear PSU unlike the switching PSU found on the SB2.. which would make upgrading to a linear PUS a dafct concept to even contemplate ?


2006-01-04, 15:47
Sorry, I lead you astray. This is the thread I was thinking of:


It was in the audiophiles forums not linux, and was about faad2 not mplayer :) Still, take a read as your problem may be related.

To answer your other question, the SB3 has a linear internal PSU, but the main external "wall wart" is still switching. Some people have switched to linear and like it, but the difference is way more subtle than the issue you have. I don't get audible noise or distortion on my stock SB3 and I have a pretty decent setup. I haven't tried a linear psu because I don't have any issues with the stock one.