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2006-01-03, 21:06
Sorry, I also posted this question on some other forum and send an email to the SlimDevices tech support (no reply yet) but truly am at a loss:

At some point, quite suddenly, my SBIII did not find my SlimServer (running on Mac Tiger) anymore. After some tweaking, the SB III could in fact read/browse the Slimserver's content (eg playlists etc) but when I press play, the SB III indicates that it is actually playing but no audio stream will effectively come out. If I connect to the Squeezenetwork , I have no problem (so it's not that the stereo is not plugged in or not on "aux"). Both the Music Payer in the SlimServer's right side screen and the SB III indicate that a song is playing but nothing happens. Please help, I bought two SB IIIs and both are now completely useless to me.

thanks, Lennaert
(p.s. From reading another thread I understand that it is bad form to post the same messages in multiple places. I am sorry, I am indeed a beginner and thought it was better placed here in this Beginner's forum but only realized it later)

2006-01-04, 02:45
Here's the action: