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2006-01-03, 15:56
Squeezebox v3 (ethernet only)
Mac G4 desktop, OSX 10.3.9, 2 gig RAM
iTunes library in ~/Music but mp3 files reside on an internal slave.
Reliable dsl connection, Mac connected to router over ethernet.

I began setting up SlimServer a few hours ago and have run into some rather nasty side effects.

perl has taken up between 60% and 93% of memory during the entire period. The Mac is crawling.

Set Prefs write interval to 0 which made things a tiny bit more responsive.

What is the Database Cache Size Tuning (SQLite) doing? Is this a buffer or ???

Toggling SlimServer on and off has an immediate effect on memory usage going from high usage when on to normal when off.

This note has been on the screen for about 3 hours: "SlimServer is still scanning your music library, please be patient as this may take a while." Our music library contains 8,300 tracks. Suspecting this was the problem I changed the Server settings to "Do Not Use iTunes" and "Only rescan Playlists", effecting each change several times. Memory use is still 60% to +90%.

I've noticed the time interval to effect a change to SlimServer settings is extremely long.

I've noticed navigating this forum takes forever, even when I have 4 graphics intensive web pages being updated promptly in the background (closing them has no effect).


Do these settings changes I'm making and therefore the overall reponsiveness of the Squeezebox rely on the net (Slim's site which appears dog slow today) or is this issue within my local area?

How do I erase SlimServer's music library? Telling it not to use iTunes appears to have done nothing.

2006-01-03, 19:13
It's scanning your music, it has to do that regardless of whether you use itunes or not. Give it some time to finish and everything should be fine.

2006-01-03, 19:21

I just came back to post a "no response needed" minutes after your post.

Let it grind for a few hours, shut down, restart and all is per expectations - very nice.

2006-01-04, 07:22
Excellent - glad to hear everything's ok.