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2006-01-03, 10:13
In response to a question from somebody regarding MusicMagic I started to expand on the Wiki page that somebody had created.

This has raised a few questions in my mind regarding the Wiki

1) It would be helpful if the front page of the Wiki could be expanded to add a few more sections. In my mind it is too difficult to find some information, the two that strike me as being too buried are Plugins and also the Router compatibility list. Trying to find either is quite hard.

2) It is also quite hard IMO for a new user to find information on what plugins are available i.e. How would a new user know about the fantastic MusicMagic or LastFM plugins? They could find the links buried in the plugin sections but even that is difficult. They would need to navigate to near the bottom of the very long beginners page and then know which section of plugins to look in.

3) Should applications like the life changing Moose be included in the plugins section or have a different section of their own?

3) Does anybody know how to change the title of a page (i.e. from MusicMagicMixer to MusicMagic)

4) Is the List Pages select letter broken for everyone or just me (XP, Firefox 1.5)?

I think most people here know how good the Squeezebox is but at the moment I think it is seriously underselling it self. IMHO really cool functions such as AlienBBC, MusicMagic, Last FM, Dyanmic Transistions, Moose (albeit PC only) should have a much higher profile then they currently do.

What do other people think?

2006-01-03, 10:19
Okay probably should have actually looked at the Wiki a bit more as I will admit the plugins are a bit more visible from the SlimServer section!!!

However I still do think that there is still some merit in increasing the visibility of some of the cool functions available to users.

2006-01-03, 11:04

Having spent some time writing stuff for the wiki, and also linking other peoples existing pages up, I have to agree that its still quite hard to find stuff sometimes.

However, your immediate question is I think answerable: you could always write a BeginnersGuideToPluginsAndCoolStuff (not necessarily that name!!). That could be linked in both from the BeginnersGuide and also from the main Plugins page.

Your main challenge is going to be picking the "favourites" list without upsetting someone!! I think many people have their own hot favourites, and I'd hate to be the one to upset some of our talented plugin writers by omitting their masterpiece...

Having said that I couldn't live without...

Lazy Search
Alien BBC
Last FM

... but I appreciate the attraction of the others you mention.

BTW, I suspect the easiest way to change the name of a page is to create a new one, copy the text over, and delete the old one (making sure you hunt down any cross references...)

And, no, it is not just you for whom List Pages select letter is broken (also using Win XP and Firefox 1.5).


2006-01-03, 11:10
Yes I suspect that will be the best way to go and I have already started writing it.

I agree it will certainly be a challenge to pick the plugins but a good starting point has to be whether and how much forum traffic that plugin has generated in the past.

I will have a go and then post a suggested list.

Mark Lanctot
2006-01-06, 20:17
And, no, it is not just you for whom List Pages select letter is broken (also using Win XP and Firefox 1.5).

Ah yes - it's not an isolated problem.

Win XP/FF 1.5, list pages broken here too.

At first I thought general HTML intra-page bookmarks were broken in FF 1.5, but the alphabetical artist search in SlimServer works fine.