View Full Version : PC Format review (UK magazine)

2006-01-03, 09:10
Just thought i would let you know that this months PC format have a review of the SB3;

One of the most desirable pieces of wireless kit we've ever seen

Totally awesome and essential hardware. Sell your children to own one. SCORE 92%

Also, if you read the readers letters page, check out the 'mail of the month', written by me regards the lack of gapless playback in most MP3 players. Still not got my prize yet though :(

2006-01-03, 09:14
Excellent, did the review mention the fantastic sound quality of the Squeezebox? I only ask because a Computer Shopper review the other month didn't!!

I get the feeling the the SB3 has done the trick in beginning to close the gap to mainstream acceptance.

If only SD can get some of these wireless issues resolved and the rest of us can get the Wiki whipped into shape!!