View Full Version : ITunes Playlist will not play

2006-01-02, 07:34
I have stepped through downloading the ITUNES play list to my Slim Device. I go to the device and go to the ITUNES section and the right number of items shows up on list for ITUNES. Unfortunately all of the eight listings are blank (no title) and when I select them to play I get an error that no file can be found.

In addition, I can not play any Itunes song directly from the desktop to the Slim device bu selecting it. I read the manual but it has a statement that says something like "This part of the manual needs additional work. Who is going to step up and complete it."

Please let me know how to resolve this issue of getting ITUNES playlists to play. Thanks.

2006-01-02, 07:38
I read the FAQ that purchased ITUNES music is not downloadable directly to the SLIM device. I will rip it and then copy it down.