View Full Version : Updates Amazon cover art script

Victor Brilon
2006-01-01, 22:58
Hey gang,

If you don't know what this code does, please go to http://
www.victorland.com/slimp3/ and read that first.

For those of you who know what it is, sorry I've been off the radar
for a while. Work, travel, work travel, and a new baby have kept me a
little insane :)
In addition, I had a terrible system death that took much valuable
code with it, including all my cover art work, so I had to backtrack
quite a bit.

Anyway, I just uploaded a new version of the code. As always, it's
available at: http://www.victorland.com/slimp3/ . Specifically, this
release fixes a minor glitch that Amazon introduced with their new
SOAP service. If my code broke for you in the past 3 months or so,
this release should fix it.

Please check it out and let me know if *anything* is broken. Quite a
bit of fixes I had made in the past few releases may not have
survived my disk crash 100%, so I'd like to hear from you as to what
doesn't work.

Also, there's a bugtracking system set up at http://victorland.com/
slimp3/flyspray/ where I'd like to hear from you with any suggestions/
fixes/ideas/bugs you think of.

Thanks everyone!