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2006-01-01, 09:57
Well my SB3 finally got delivered just before Christmas - after I had left for a tour of the "out-laws" in the UK!!
After much Turkey and alcohol, I eagerly returned to set the beast up!
I already own the SB1 (Graphic Display), and had voiced some fears about all the wireless woes being discussed on these forums, particularly as the SB1 was a breeze to setup.
Firstly - what a stunning new look and display, gorgeous!
After upgrading my antique Slimserver to 6.2.2 (from 5.3.1!!) I was relieved that all went smoothly - no startup problems, no crashes etc
Then I went for the wireless setup of the SB3, first off I got the dreaded 169.xxx.xxx.xxx address. This is using the D-Link 624 (Rev C). The SB saw the SSID but wouldn't get the right IP from the DHCP.
The remedy was thankfully obvious - disable the "Super G" mode of the D-Link router (was previously on Super G with no Turbo). After this all connected fine and I am in music heaven again!
Weird though that the old SB1 didn't care about the Super G setting...

Anyway, just thought I'd share this, plus have the chance to say what a fantastic product again Slim...


Russell Mulcahy
2006-01-01, 10:20
Also upgraded from SB1 to SB 3 over Christmas and this was also
painless. The new SB3 doesn't show a couple of flakiness problems that
my SB1 did and so "feels" much more solid to use. Also looks great!

Incidentally, the SB1 was refusing to find Slimserver after a power on /
restart but finding it straight away after a network set-up. I have
still no idea why it does this. Offers welcome as I would still like to
use it occasionally.

Happy New Year,


DrNic wrote:

>Anyway, just thought I'd share this, plus have the chance to say what a
>fantastic product again Slim...

2006-01-01, 20:38
I now have 2 SB1s, 2 SB3s and one SB1 wire-less. Over this weekend, I finally took the wire-less one out for a spin (had been using it as a standard 3 wire before that).

The setup was as follows: in my girlfriends spa, wireless ethernet from laptop running slimserver to WAP, then wireless ethernet to SB1.

But the wireless card in my laptop is something like 5 years old, and I thought, maybe I should check for a software upgrade. So I asked Windows XP if it had a better driver. It did, so I installed it. It came with all sorts of new features, including little bar charts of signal strength, multiple configurations, an offer to automatically reconnect if it disconnected, etc. I played with all the knobs, turned on all the auto-reconnect stuff, and off I went.

For about 2 songs.

Then the laptop reported no connectivity, the SB (being only a 1) ran out of music in 5 seconds, windows XP wouldn't automatically reconnect without asking me if it was OK, etc. I reconnected, did it again, it happened again within a song or two. I rechecked all the settings, yes, i did have automatically reconnect turned on, it did it another 5 times and I said, OK, that's it, I'm going back to the old driver.

Downloaded a driver from the linksys web site (it was a linksys card), it has half of the features of the WinXP supplied one, but D!!N, it works. Like a champ. For 2 hours before I shut it down. Not a hiccup. The driver was from 2002 or 2003, but worked like a charm.