View Full Version : Re: Crash with SlimServer 6.svn and Clutter

Pierce T.Wetter III
2005-03-07, 17:05
>> Clutter is a Mac OS X program that displays a picture of the
>> currently playing song, and it happens to talk to slimserver.
>> It crashes 6.x with this error though:
>> Undefined subroutine &Slim::Music::Info::durationSeconds called at
>> /Users/pierce/svnProjects/slimserver/server/Slim/Control/Command.pm
>> line 1340.
> Looks like a function which was removed was still being used.
> Try replacing line 1340 with this:
> my $track = $ds->objectForUrl(Slim::Player::Playlist::song($client) );
> my $dur = $track->secs() if $track;

That fixes the crash of the slim server, though Clutter can't tell
what's playing in 6.x like it could in 5.4.0.

Did the communications change for 6.0?

If there's any docs for the canonical way Clutter should be working, I
can pass that along to the developer. Right now he basically does the

1. Play/Pause button
2. Skip forward/back button
3. WIndow to display the cover art if available. Otherwise, he can
look it up via Amazon, so he probably does queries about what's
4. Text displaying what's playing.

So those are the features he needs to access.


P.S. The URL for Mac OSX users is: http://www.sprote.com/clutter/