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2005-12-30, 20:19
A few days ago, I installed Slimserver 6.2.1 on a little server pc. Now, I can load the Slimserver web interface, but when I attempt to scan my music library, nothing happens.
I should mention, that this server pc runs an extremely stripped down version of Win2k (using nLite IE and its components, i.e. ActiveX, was taken out). Also, the OS and Slimserver run on the C: partition and the music library sits on the D: partition. On D:, I only gave access rights to users (removing "everyone"), but I added the "SYSTEM" account (with full control) to the music libaray directory.
Any hint, what's wrong here? Does slimserver rely on any IE components or Java?

2005-12-30, 22:10
Can you define "nothing happens" a little better?

Is there a lot of disk activity but no results show up?

Is there no activity at all?

On the "home" page, on the left side, does it say "Your music library consists of..." and 3 numbers? What are those numbers.

When you trigger a scan, does the message change to say "Slimserver is now scanning your library"?

Does it stay that way or does it switch back to the first one?

These will help us get a better picture of what's going on.

As for whether the server relies on Java or IE components, I don't think it does intentionally, but there could be unintended consequences.

Do you know how to run the performance monitor on W2K? Can you tell us if you have enough of the major resources (memory is the usual one). What happens to CPU and I/O consumption after you call for a scan?

Does the little server PC come packaged with this software? Can you point us to a web description of the package?

2005-12-30, 22:55
Try this from a command prompt if you still have that in your stripped
down server:
c:\program files\slimserver\server\slim.exe --d_info --d_scan

can you access http://serverIP:9000 ?

if so, does the music folder look right in server settings?

you can also go into server settings->debugging and turn on d_scan and

server settings->rescan then open a browser to
http://serverIP:9000/log.txt and see what comes up there.


2005-12-31, 18:15
Thanks for the quick and informative replies.
The problem was solved by actually rebooting the server pc after changing the access rights. I changed the access rights for the music directory, but first without rebooting the machine afterwards (usually not required) and then tried unsuccessfully to scan the library. I guess, the slimserver service didn't become aware of the change until the reboot (somewhat unusual).
OT: In case someone wonders about my stripped down Win2k, this was created with nLite from the original installation CD. nLite enables you to slipstream service packs, hotfixes, drivers etc. into your installation files and also gives you the option to apply tons of twaeks and to rid Windows of all sorts of unnecessary crap (IE, WMP, Outlook ect. etc. - YMMV).
Thanks again,