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2005-12-30, 16:02
This is my first post. New to Squeezebox, but enjoying learning.

I ordered a SQB3 this morning, looking forward to fitting it into my system. I have Legacy Audio speakers, Cary Audio tube amp, and use Anti-Cables. I guess I am an "audiophile" but not the snobby stuck up kind, I just use whatever makes my music sound best. I got everything I own for close to half price because I am cheap and hunt around for good values.

I like the idea of having a small stand holding SQB, 2 monoblock switching amps and 2 huge speakers making beautiful, powerful music.

I might get it modified by Red Wine Audio for digital only or digital and analog outputs. I want to see what it sounds like before I decide. Also looking at Channel Island amps and DAC to go with SQB3. I'm hoping SQB is up to the sound quality standards of CIAudio stuff and what I have now. Everything I have read says it is, after mods are done. We'll see.

I know there is discussion about the sound quality effect of the software volume control, but I have a simpler question. If I connect an external DAC via coax or toslink to SQB3, can I still use the remote to adjust volume control, or does the software volume control only work on analog outs.

Does the volume control signal processing happen in Slimserver? Won't that require some hefty processing? Or is this processing done in the SQB before the DAC.

Thanks for your replies.

2005-12-30, 17:13
You can change a setting whether or not you want the digital output to be controlled by the volume buttons :-)