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2005-12-29, 21:26
What are the availability and street price like on these nowadays? Are they in stores yet in any kind of quantity or will it be a while?

2005-12-29, 22:21
I purchased mine direct from NokiaUSA, and after tax/shipping it came to $380ish. It was also a *horrible* customer experience. I pre-ordered the thing on Nov 14th for a promised Nov 17th shipment. I got it mid-December. Meanwhile, CompUSA started getting selling it before I received mine. NokiaUSA's customer support were uninformed, evasive, and sometimes deliberately misleading.

The device, on the other hand, is a wonderful experience. Super-duper nifty.

off-topic, given your 'avatar' I have to mention that I'm writing this while listening to the newly found and released Monk/Coltrane Live at Carnegie. Have you seen the copy of the ticket reproduction on the back cover of the album? All on the same bill that night Nov 29 1957-- Billie Holiday, Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Charles, Chet Baker, Monk and Trane, and Sonny Rollins. Ticket prices went from $2 to a max of $3.95. DIG.


2005-12-29, 22:31
I pre-ordered from Nokia too. After reading the complaints dealing with Nokia customer service and after reading that the device was VERY SLOW, I decided not to buy. Then I saw the 770 at CompUSA. I tested it and it wasn't too slow for what I expected from a handheld device. Also, CompUSA offers the extended warranty. This isn't too bad. I had an extended warranty on a PalmPilot and when it broke, they gave me a new one -- which was a newer model as the older one had been discontinued.

Good luck.

2005-12-30, 06:19
Anyone thinking of buying from CompUSA may be interested in this (http://thoughtfix.blogspot.com/2005/12/compusa-experience.html) blog post.

2005-12-30, 11:51
and the link would be where? ;)

2005-12-30, 12:42
Hover over the word 'this'. Perhaps the blue doesn't show well on your monitor?

2005-12-31, 02:06
actually you are right, i never saw the blue :)

i'm used to other boards having underlined links. sorry about that