View Full Version : "Skipping" netradio on Squeezenetwork today?

2005-12-29, 08:39
I have about 10 favorite stations saved for Squeezenetwork - everyone of them is stuttering and skipping today. The odd thing - usually my buffer length is much greater than the interval between skips - there's only 2-3 seconds between skips.

When I sign off of Squeezenetwork and sign onto Slimserver - the radio stations play normally. I tried doing a complete restart of the player - disconnected from AC and plugged back in, and it's still skipping. Anyone else having this problem on Squeezenetwork?

2005-12-29, 09:33
Actually, I found the solution. I unplugged my Linksys wireless router and plugged it back in. I guess the router had some sort of electronic brain fart that a reboot fixed. Problem solved.