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2005-12-29, 00:35
I just ordered two SB3's (and they are shipping today!!). I am incorporating one SB3 into my home theatre/audio system. However, my set top cable box (STB) will be located in a closet, whereas the SB3 will be under the plasma screen TV. I want to be able to control the STB remotely - does the IR blaster feature of the SB3 function to pass thru _any_ IR signal, other than SB3 control codes? ie, will it pass thru the change channel codes thru to the STB in the closet? If so, will it pass thru the codes when the SB3 is turned off (eg, when I want to watch TV and control the STB)? or do I need to buy a separate IR blaster/emitter for this process?


2005-12-30, 12:03
I don't think SB3 does passthrough of IR codes.

See this thread:


You may want to vote for the enhancement request mentioned towards the end of the thread.

2005-12-31, 10:00
Excellent - thanks for the link!