View Full Version : D-Link Range Extender

Cronks farm
2005-12-28, 11:29
I've just bought a D-Link DWL-G710 but cant get my SB3 to work with it. If I select to use DHCP it gets given an IP address outside of my network range ( to doesn;t connect. If I select static IP it connects to the WAN but cannot find the SlimServer. Any help appreciated.

2005-12-28, 11:36
Do you have any security set on either device? Are you using MAC address filtering? Have you changed the default SSID?

2005-12-28, 21:38
I had tried a range extender from Airlink with similar problems - and finally gave up. Have you verified that other devices can get IP addresses from the range extender? Have you verified that your router now sees those devices?

2005-12-29, 02:53
I am not an expert on this but my understanding is that range extenders only work with compatible devices. I looked at the Linksys extender and was about to hit the 'buy' button until I read the small print. The SB3 cannot use the diversity system and a Linksys extender will not work with Netgear etc.

Cronks farm
2005-12-29, 04:11
I can ping the extender from the SlimServer PC. I have another device (PC) that is using the extender without problems. I am not using "default" SSID or MAC address filtering, I am using 128bit WEP (shared) and have other SB3s connected directly to the slimserver via local access point without any problems. Perhaps as suggested, it's a compatibility issue, if so does any have a workaround?