View Full Version : Re: Re: Crashes on re-scan - can't call method "url"on an undefined value - line 819 of info.pm

John Eckman
2005-03-06, 11:23
Dan Sully <dan (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com> said:

> * John Eckman shaped the electrons to say...
>> 2. Any idea what kind of file might cause this behavior? Should I be
>> looking for a corrupt mp3? An m3u playlist? What would the server be
>> calling "url" method on?
> The server would call url() on a $track object. This particular error is
> happening in cachedPlaylist(), so that's where I would look first.
> Perhaps a
> playlist that is referring to a file that no longer exists.
>> 3. What changes could I make to the module where this crash occurs to
>> catch the file being scanned at that moment?
> At Slim/Music/Info.pm in sub cachedPlaylist() - after the my $song
> line, add:
> $song->print();


Adding this was the quickest way for me to get to the issue - it was a
shortcut from one folder to another which was out of date.

I had added, in windows explorer, a shortcut to an album by Ella and
Louis from the Ella folder - so as not to have it two places but know it
was there. (This was all long before slimserver, and before I had browse
by artist, etc).

But the music files have changed drives since then so it was out of date.

I will try to add a bug entry for this - although clearly an error in my
collection the server should do something better than just dying, I'd

(Not sure if symlinks would cause the same effect or if this is windows