View Full Version : slimserver running on two machines, one SB2?

2005-12-28, 08:38
here's what i want to do:

my upstairs PC has all my music on it, and runs slimserver to my squeezebox2 which is downstairs. it runs fine, and i can play what i want via the remote, but sometimes it's easier to use the web interface (esp when creating playlists).

can i install slimserver on my networked laptop and access/modify/program the music to be played over the SB2?

i think there is, but i haven't figured it out.

Mike Meyer
2005-12-28, 08:56
You can access the other computer's version of SlimServer through the browser on the laptop. Something like http://upstairscomputersipaddress:9000 should get you there.

2005-12-28, 13:33
nice one, thanks!!