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2005-12-28, 04:55
Hi All

I'm trying to stream a local radio station down to my SliMP3 player - the URL is:


I can enter the asx url OK in SlimServer 6.2.1, and in the playlist it gets the name of the station right (Broadland FM) but... it won't play it: When I click play the browser window refreshes and it comes back on "stop".

I'm sure I'm missing something really simple - all ideas welcome!

Running SlimServer on Win2k3 if that helps?



2005-12-28, 09:42
The stream you are referring to is a windows media stream. Slimp3 cannot handle wma streams natively. Make sure you have transcoding for wma enabled in your server settings. You need lame if you want wma --> mp3 transcoding.