View Full Version : Plugins settings messed up in 6.0.2a

Philip Meyer
2005-03-05, 11:01
Just installed 6.0 (alpha 2) for the first time.

So far, it seems pretty stable. I have some observations about plugins settings though:

1. When navigating through Server Settings, the Plugins options page takes a while to appear (I think the first time took about 10 seconds, subsequent revisits take about 5 seconds).

2. I have 5 un-ticked checkboxes with no text after them in my plugins list.

3. Music Magic plugin is un-ticked, but I still have a MusicMagic options section under the checkbox list, containing MusicMagic HTTP Port. I would assume that if the plugin is not enabled, there's no need for this option to appear in the page.

I am using the Fishbone skin, WinXP Pro.