View Full Version : Does SB2 support WPA

2005-12-27, 10:56
I am trying to upgrade the security on my network form WEP 128 bit to WPA. When trying to reconfigure my SB2 I find there are only options for WEP 40 and 128 bit and for no password. Do I need a Bios firmware upgrade?

2005-12-27, 11:03
According to http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?HardwareComparison , yes.

Bios upgrades (there's actually no "BIOS" in the squeezebox, but I expect you mean flash upgrades) are provided, when needed, automatically by the server.

What server are you running?

2005-12-27, 11:11
Good point, The Slim Server version I am running is the version that was available last year when I purchased the SB2. I will download the latest version tonight.

2005-12-27, 17:35
I'm not sure you have a Squeezebox2, it was only released in March of


2005-12-27, 18:40
Oops. Missed that! Yeah, if it's a year old it's probably an SB1. It doesn't say so in the hardware comparison chart, but I think SB1s only had WEP.