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2005-12-27, 05:42
I'm very interested in a squeezebox, and was trying to use softsqueeze to learn the UI. I installed softsqueeze and everything seems to be just fine - could play music, etc. Then I pressed the "maximize" button on the UI and have been in trouble ever since.

The app takes over my total screen (this is really bad!) Since I have dual displays and use pivot software, everything on both displays goes to pieces. So, I say to myself, I just won't use the maximize button. No good. That's the only way the program starts up now, even after numerous uninstalls, reinstalls, looking for config parameters, etc.

Any help to get the app to reinstall and start up in less than full screen mode would be appreciated. Also, the author may want to consider my case a bit of a bug.

2005-12-27, 06:04
Apologies if I'm asking the blinding obvious here... but when its in "maximise" mode can you not get to the same button to reduce it back down to normal?

If not then there is a problem. What operating system, which versions are you using?


2005-12-27, 09:57
When in "maximize", I can get to the button (difficult since the screen is on it's sice and the mouse is also ass-backwards, etc.) but the button doesn't do a "restore", rather simply kills the app, not set it back to normal. And, of course, the screen settings on both displays are left in the fouled up position. The OS is XP, completely up to date (2-month old install.) The video card is a Matrox P650. Thanks for the response - any idea how to control the app or even to delete the screen settings so I can reload it and have it work ok?

2005-12-27, 10:49
It's a java app so the settings are in a java preferences file - in Linux it is hidden in a file something like the following in the user home directory


Look for a hidden pref.xml in Windows.

2005-12-27, 13:14
Really do appreciate the prompt responses and help. Unfortnately, nothing seems to clear this problem. I deleted everything in my local cache files, but the next time I started the app, same problem. Java trace reports illegal display parameters, so that's as far as I know how to take it. I will try to install both the server and softsqueeze on another computer to see if I can use it there.

It sure doesn't seem to be a bulletproof application.

Thanks again, and if anyone has other ideas, I'll check back.


2005-12-27, 21:57
Try the keyboard combination: