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2005-12-26, 15:57
Hey all,

First off, yes, I did search and found lots of solutions for a JP1 compatable remote or the Pronto...I don't have either.

I was hoping there is a discreet on/off code available for a Home Theater Master Remote...

I also looked over at remote central.com and came up with nothing.

I have a home theater master mx-500 and an IRClone-MX so I can download codes into the remote, but need to find the right one...

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, if there are any "button push" combinations that will allow me to "find" the discreet on/off" or other devices remotes that will give me the on/off, I can deal with those...


2005-12-26, 16:31
Anything helpful for you here? ...


There seem to be some MX-500 users here.


2005-12-27, 06:29
Yes there is discrete power on/off functionality for squeezebox

I don't know the details of the MX500 but if you are using the standard slim devices codes for the squeezebox then you need to add codes to slim_devices_remote.ir (in the server IR directory)

Something like

power_off = 768934cb
power_on = 7689b44b

would mean the IR codes 768934cb and 7689b44b would pick the power_off and on from the default.map file which maps buttons to functions

These codes aren't fixed - you could use anything but best to avoid the range used by the stock remote. (I started mapping default.map at OBC 40 to get these numbers)

How to get your MX500 to emit 768934cb or 7689b44b?

I don't know, but the protocol is NEC2 and the device is 110 decimal - the IR commands are OBC 44 and 45, HEx cb and 4b respectively

If this doesn't make sense in the MX500 world then you'd need to say what kind of thing you need

Best of luck

2005-12-27, 11:45

I have a Home Theater Master MX-850 and a Pronto. I imported the codes into the Pronto and then used the Pronto to "teach" the codes to the Home Theater Master.

If you can use a Home Theater Master MX-850 file, I'll be glad to send it to you. Contact me off-line.