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2005-12-26, 15:32
My SB3 was working like a charm yesterday.
Now I don't have anymore audio output.
No more playback from my server, squeezenetwork, or internet radio.
I tried several power off, reset factory default, program xilinx.
I could generate a tone (1khz) by holding on power and selecting 3.
I'm out of ressources...I try calling Slimdevices but i guess they are close today.

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated...I want my SB3 back !

2005-12-26, 18:05
I found a way to get sound back with SqueezeNetwork.

>Lower sound completely (Volume=0)
>Hold down Power on the remote
>click on 1
>Programming Xilinx appear on display
>Restart Squeezebox
>Connect with Squeezenetwork
>Select Internet Radio
>Sound is now back...

The same procedure don't change anything in the Squeezebox menu for playing back my file.

On the other hand Softsqueeze on my PC could playback my file.

That's sound like a Xilinx flashing problem to be...

Any suggestions or tips to try ?


2005-12-26, 18:52
Is this on the digital outs, the DAC, or both?

On Squeezenetwork you may be playing a 48KHz stream. It may be a problem with the 44.1 clock.

We'll be back in tomorrow.

2005-12-26, 22:00
Thanks for the reply Sean.
If I force the tone playback (hold on power>select 3)
I could listen to 1Khz on both the spdif and analog out
(Headphone and rca).
FYI All my FLAC collection is sample at 44.1 Khz.

I get my SB working after several Xilinx programming,
that seems a bit flaky to me, I need to move my SB around the house.


2005-12-27, 10:37
In my case, the spectrum or VU was totally flat.
Here`s some toughts:
Did you try to listen to the differents digital and analog output ?
Did you try to log on SqueezeNetwork and playback Internet Radio?

So far so good since last night, my SB stil work fine.
I disconnect and reconnect it this morning whitout problems.
Last night I figure how to add postcast in Slimserver...this box and the slimserver software are just amazing technology...when the xilinx fpga chip didn't get stuck in an ambigious state.

Hoping that tech.support could reproduce this nasty problem.