View Full Version : XM Radio URL not working?

2005-12-26, 10:26
I can stream XM on my cell phone or computer useing this url: http://www.xstreamxm.com/mobile/stream.asx?email=my@emailaddress.com&pass=mypassword&chan=202&speed=high
but when I choose "radio tune in" in Slimserver It says "Tuned into..."(and then it lists the URL) but it won't play on my squeezebox. Is this a known issue?


2005-12-28, 19:07
Is it even possible to play XM through the squeezebox2? If anyone knows, please post. I tried searching the forums for XM and it said the search string was too small. Then when searching for XM radio the results were too vast...

The ability to pull XM in through the SB would be a huge bonus.