View Full Version : Brand new SB3 faulty?

2005-12-25, 11:45
I am hoping someone can tell me I have done something wrong but my new SB3 will not connect to my wireless network. All is fine when I plug in a LAN cable.
I have totally reset my belkin wireless router to factory defaults so there is no security, no encryption, no mac address filtering or anything and it simply will not connect. My laptop works just fine.
It does "see" my network SSID when it does a scan but will not connect to it.
Any ideas please?

2005-12-25, 11:56
Lots of threads both here and in the beginners forum about people having trouble gettign wireless going. Unfortunately it could be any of a dozen different things.

Start with a hard reset of the SB3, then have a scan through the forum for the dozen other things to try... like turning off any "turbo" mode you might have, for example.


2005-12-31, 15:18
This may be an obvious thing to say but have you got access control set on the router? I know Belkins used to have some problems with access control which has been fixed in later releases of their software.