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2005-12-25, 07:23
I'm experiencing some wireless problems with my SB3. I'm connecting to a Zyxel ZyAIR B-1000 access point. During setup I'm not offered any SSID to choose from. I tried entering the SSID manually which didn't help. I turned off WEP and MAC address filtering. Finally I started trying different channels on the access point. Turns out that channels 4 and 5 (Europe) work. Well, I'm still unable to get an IP adress via DHCP but when I enter a static IP I can connect to the SqueezeNetwork and I'm also able to listen to Internet Radio.

I'm slightly confused by the fact that all other wireless devices work on other channels (in fact better on some of them than on 4 or 5) and that they receive DHCP offers. Well, I'll soon try my other access point, maybe this will help.

Now for something completely different. On page 23 of the dead tree manual it says to reset the device to factory default settings "Plug the power connector and hold down ADD on the remote until you see the Set Up Networking prompt". This didn't work for me. I had to press ADD _before_ plugging the power connector into the Squeezebox (and holding it down while plugging in).

I think there's another bug in the manual. On page 7 it says that you can use the ADD button as backspace when entering the SSID. This just doesn't work for me. I had in fact to reset the device to factory defaults when I had mistakenly entered a SSID that had more characters than the right one.


2005-12-30, 09:53
Well, I tested the setup with another access point (SMC 2455W). This works fine. (I can't recommend the access point for other reasons, though; stay away from SMC!)

My SB3 is playing happily along now. :-)


2005-12-30, 17:15
Applies also to some Belkin models that use the same hardware as SMC.