View Full Version : Can you increase the SB3's antenna strength?

2005-12-24, 21:52
I am having occasional lags, especially in between songs on my SB3 as it queues up the next song. The SB3 definitely beats the SB2 in wife accetpance factor, but the internal antennas can be a problem when the SB3 is installed in a place without a clear wifi signal.

Is there anyway to boost the antenna strength or connect an external antenna to the SB3?

2005-12-25, 08:54
Try this -


Improved my wireless reception.

2005-12-25, 09:06
Cool! I especially like the fact that I could focus it into my factory area and reduce side-emissions.

2005-12-25, 10:26
Hmmm... wonder if that will pass the WAF test, currently using an amplifier and an omnidirectional external antenna (yes, kind of belts and suspenders, but this is to improve signal to both the SB3 and my office where the slimserver resides); tried a 15db directional antenna, didn't see an improvement, not sure if it was positioning related, or just no help.

2005-12-25, 10:43
Does the router location also have to pass WAF muster? Because the mod to the antennas goes on the router/WAP.