View Full Version : Portable Squeezebox

2005-12-24, 16:55
I had a wireless SBv3 with me at a conference the other week. The conference facility had full 802.11 coverage, and I was thinking that if I had some batteries and my headphones, I could use my SB at the coference. So of course my next thought was "hmm, if this was about the size of an iPod and ran off a LiIon battery..."

Maybe some ad-hoc networking capability so you could share playlists or even tracks (gasp!) with nearby players and some solid-state memory for when you're out of range...

Lots of hotels, airports, campuses, office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and outdoor spaces have 802.11 these days, and the trend will only increase. Such a thing might be a viable product.

2005-12-25, 02:50
or get a Nokia 770 and access the MP3 stream from your server, controling it from the web interface. Job done :)