View Full Version : volume control confusion with comcast cable & sb2 remote

2005-12-24, 13:07
I've noticed my Comcast digital cable remote volume buttons now control the volume on my SB2 (but oddly, not vice versa). This is not desirable, and only began when I upgraded to Slimserver v6.0 and upgraded the firmware in my SB2 as directed. A further upgrade to Slimserver v6.1 has not changed the situation.

Any suggestions anyone?

2005-12-24, 16:25
First we've heard of this...

Is it just the volume buttons or are there any others?

2005-12-24, 18:41
Did you try turning off the JVC remote recognition?

Maybe your Comcast box is sourced by JVC (for historical reasons, Slimserver recognizes JVC remote codes by default, but it's on the client settings if you want to turn it off.. useful to do if you have a JVC TV or DVD player :))

2005-12-25, 13:27
I haven't noticed any other buttons doing this.

Aha! So that must be it. It just so happens I have a JVC TV, and have the Comcast remote set up to control my TV, so it must be broadcasting JVC codes. That makes sense.

I'll look at disabling the JVC remote recognition when I get home and hopefully it will clear up the issue.

I'll let you know.


2005-12-25, 13:34
That would do it... I have a JVC TV too, very disconcerting when I put the sb in the living room and watched the TV change volume whenever I changed the SB volume. :)

2005-12-27, 11:29
Yep, all better now! Thanks, all!

Btw, this Slimserver 6.1 upgrade has made made it seem like a brand new product again, it's much faster browsing the web interface. Keep up the great work!