View Full Version : Squeezebox can't connect to WAP

2005-12-24, 07:53
My first-generation Squeezebox is no longer able to connect to my wireless network. I haven't used it for about a month and went to use it today. I didn't see it on my web interface, so I went and powercycled the box. When I went through the usual networking setup, it was unable to connect to my network with the stored WEP key and SSID. I've double-checked everything just to be sure; nothing has changed in my network, is it possible that the wireless card in the Squeezebox has died?


2005-12-25, 08:53
I've double-checked everything just to be sure; nothing has changed in my network
Then something changed outside.

Did one of your neighbours get a new wireless router for xmas? Are they using the same channel as you? Or an adjacent one?

2005-12-25, 10:08
If something changed, it would affect at least 3 other wireless devices on my network: 2 PowerBooks and a HP 6840 wireless printer. Everything else connects fine to the access point.

2005-12-25, 10:42
In some other threads, I think I saw reports where the squeezebox occasionally "forgets" it's mac address. Turn it over and read the mac address off the bottom and see if that matches what the software thinks in the sb itself. If they're different, change the software one to match.

I admit to being a little mystified why this would matter, since another mac should also connect fine, but if you have mac filtering on your router, that might be a reason.

2005-12-25, 14:18
The MAC address matches and I'm not doing any MAC filtering on my access point.

2005-12-25, 16:27
Did the wireless switch to some kind of turbo mode?

2005-12-25, 17:30
I cracked open the Squeezebox and reseated the card. Go figure, it works fine now! Very strange... the box hadn't been moved in over a year, no reason for it to have lost seating. Oh well, all's well that ends well! :)

2005-12-25, 22:58
There is a phenomenon, called thermal creep, which under some circumstances causes chips to "walk" out of push-in sockets and other connectors to move and disconnect after a period of use.

Maybe that's what happened to you.