View Full Version : Lower volume levels on digital output?

2005-12-23, 14:40
Can anyone explain why volume levels from the SB3 should be significantly lower than when playing the same CD from a regular CD player?

I've noticed that comfortable listening levels with the SB3 require a volume setting in the low 60s on my Meridian digital controller. This compares to the low 50s for the same track played from a CD. Both the SB3 and the CD player are connected with optical cables.

The volume on the SB3 is set to max (40 on the remote) and I have disabled "Smart Gain" in the Player Settings > Audio (although to the best of my knowledge the files do not contain Replay-gain tags).

This is not really a problem per se since the controller volume control goes up to 99 anyway, but I'm curious as to why this is occurring. Maybe there's another parameter setting I haven't come across yet.

Thanks and regards