View Full Version : Network trouble following recent windows update patches?

Philip Meyer
2005-12-23, 14:05
I've had a perfectly working wireless network consisting of two SB's, until this evening.

I installed three patches from Windows Update:

1. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (KB829019)
2. Windows Media Connect 2.0 (KB909993)
3. Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider Package: x86 (KB909520)

Since then, both SB's exhibit wireless connection problems - going up/down like a yoyo. My PDA still seems to connect through the same Wifi network without any trouble.

I'm currently investigating - possibly the .NET Framework 2.0 is a problem, as I know it conflicts with DirectX 9.0c (system.dll), but I can't see how this could affect my Squeezebox connectivity.

Has anyone else noticed any problems like this recently?


Philip Meyer
2005-12-23, 14:45
Sorry, false alarm (I think).

It appears that my neighbour changed her wireless channel this evening - must have been the same time that I was installing the windows updates.

I've changed channel, and things seem to be back to normal (although my SBG had some spurious pixels on and needed a hard reboot before it would work again).