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2005-12-22, 17:29
I have just set up my first SB3 and must say what a fabulous device it is! The breadth of functionality, usability and performance compared to the CD jukeboxes that the SB3s will be replacing are highly impressive. Much kudos is due to the combined development team.

At this point in my 'playing-around' phase I'd appreciate some guidance on setting up the FLAC tagging to map better into the Song Title Display options in the Player Settings.

This appears to have various combinations of Track, Title, Album and Artist (but not Composer or Conductor), and appear to be drived from the assigned tags. There is also a 'mystery' blank option which doesn't appear to have any function. I'm wondering if there are any other available options or workarounds that would allow me to achieve a scrolling display with fields similar to the following:

Composer --- Mozart
Title --- Piano Concerto No. 23 in A, KV 488
Track --- 03. Allegro assai
Artist --- Alfred Brendel
Orchestra --- ASMF
Conductor --- Neville Marriner

I've thought about the brute force method of jamming all this into, say, the title tag but feel sure there must be a more elegant approach.

Thanks in advance for any tips


2005-12-23, 01:38

well, I'm afraid the world of computer audio isn't very friendly to Classical music users. Whatever else, you will probably have to do something inelegant to get something you find acceptable.

One simple approach is described in the wiki... at http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?BeginnersGuideToClassical

To address your specific requirement: personally I put the composer, piece and performers all into the album name, and I put the composer, piece and movement details into the track name. Not elegant but it works for me. With your example that would be

Mozart Piano Concerto 23 in A Major, KV488 - Brendel - Marriner - ASMF


Mozart Piano Concerto 23 in A Major, KV488 - 3 - Allegro Assai

I should probably point out in case you've missed it that while a track is playing you can press "right" and get a series of details in a list that you can scroll up and down. If you have set the "Band", "Composer" and "Conductor" tags then they will be in the list along with Title/Artist/Album.

I have also posted some enhancement requests - see the thread at http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=18946 which describes some enhancements which would improve the general situation fpor classical users.

I don't think we quite captured your idea, though. Feel free to vote for or add to any or all of the requests...


2005-12-23, 14:19
Thank you for the response, Ceejay. At least I now have my expectations set correctly. I will take a closer look through the ERs as you you suggest.

Thank you also for your efforts with the Wiki, that is a most helpful resource.


2005-12-23, 15:28
The questions I have for the developers is:

How difficult would it be to add COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, and ORCHESTRA to the Title formatting strings? I believe I've read elsewhere that these tags are being picked up during scans (as different artist roles, I would assume).

Additionally, adding a separate Title Format specifically for classical tracks, used whenever the track genre is 'classical', would be ideal. Then you might keep the standard title format something simple, like 'ARTIST - TITLE', while using something more elaborate just for classical tracks.