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2005-12-22, 05:20
I am new to this forum, so hello everybody.
I have been trying to get Softsqueeze running, as I explored the new features of Slim Server 6.2.1.
It works ok on MP3 files but when it comes to uncompressed WAV, I get loads of Buffer underruns (as visible in the log page), if I enable the display of the buffer fill, it hardly ever shows larger numbers than 0%.
The sound of course is not acceptable.
The client computer is connected via a 100MBit Ethernet.
The lame encoder is not set up on the server.
Playing the WAV files from the server share via a standard player such as Winamp just works fine.
(server is a 800Mhz Celeron on W2k, client a 1.3GHz Celeron / W2k)
I tried to increase the audio buffer (*10). This does not seem to help

Did somebody encounter similar problems ? Is anybody running fine with playing uncompressed WAV with Softsqueeze ?


2005-12-27, 07:57
Let me push this up one more time ...

Did nobody try this ?
Is there a obvious reason (alternative ? ) for not trying this ?

Any comments welcome !

2005-12-27, 08:52
I had similar problems, installing the lame encoder did remedy the problem. This connection was to my office on a dsl connection. I assume it was a bandwidth problem as when I instlled softsqueeze on my brothers computer, he is on optimum broadband the compression was unnecessary and everything works as it should; no buffer issues.
First thing I would try is to install lame encoder and then limit bandwidth in audio settings for that player and see if problem persists.
good luck

2005-12-27, 13:51
It seems like the dev team for SoftSqueeze just disappeared for the entire month of December!

In any case, multiplying the buffer by ten doesn't help because evidently (from lots of searching as I had the same type of problem with streaming FLAC over broadband) the buffer size is limited to a max of two times the default. Some sort of Java audio buffer size limitation.

The only thing I've been partially successful doing is to stream in MP3 accross broadband, but display hangups, gapless FLAC/WAV playback that ISN'T working, and other anomalies are still present. You can post to Softsqueeze help forum, but I have a post from December 7 that has not been answered (http://sourceforge.net/projects/softsqueeze/)!

Not being able to stream WAV over a 100Mb net is strange. I actually have few problems with Softsqueeze doing this with FLAC files--it is very stable! Which JRE and OS are you using on the client machine? Have you tried another client machine? What is the CPU usage when Softsqueeze is running?

2005-12-30, 04:28
Thanks for the answers so far.
I have not tried to install lame on the server yet. However, playing mp3 encoded files works fine !
Yet it can hardly be the bandwith, as i.e. winamp will play the wav files with no problem (from the server file share)
The JVM is a 1.5.0_04, client OS Win2k
Yes I did try a different machine, 1.7G Pentium M WinXP, same jvm, same problem !
the cpu load for both clients is rather neglegible.
particularly strage is the buffer fill state, as it will not go up even when playback is paused.
I have the suspicion that softsqueeze tries to buffer a certain time of playback - which does not fit into the fixed length buffer in the case of the 1.4MBit WAV stream. I could be wrong though - if somebody had success in streaming WAV (without use of the lame encoder and bandwith limiting of course). This could give hope that the problem is hidden in some configuration/OS/JVM setting.