View Full Version : Bug with Browse Music Folder in 20050302

Harald Wilhelm
2005-03-03, 15:18

I think I've found a bug in 20050302. I can reproduce it when going thru
the following steps:

1.) Be sure that your library is scanned.

2.) Add a new music folder with some MP3 files.

3.) Don't rescan!!!

4.) Navigate with the remote to "Browse Music/Browse Music Folder" and
select the new folder.

5.) Press play.

The following happens here:

The Squeezebox shows the first title and the progress bar scrolls but no
sound is generated. After the first title finishes it's "soundless play"
the next song is shown - but it's still quiet.

I have to kill and restart the slimserver process and everything's
working fine again.

SuSE Linux 9.0 2.4.21-273-default
Perl 5.8.1